The Old Sasanami Residence

The main building and the storehouses are cultural assets.

 The Sasanami Family had run the fishing industry from generation to generation for about 200 years. The main building is one of the oldest houses in Hokkaido and an example of an old traditional fisherman’s house. It was said to be built in the early 1800s (during the 5th generation’s reign).

 In1992, the main building and the storehouse were recognized as cultural assets and the storehouse for rice and documents was also recognized as a cultural asset in 2018.
You can experience the ancient living style at the main building and we have also displayed old relics in the storehouses for your viewing pleasure.

The Sasanami Family’s Fishing Place

Herring ~The fish that brought wealth~

The History of the Sasanami Family

The Glory of the Sasanami Family

The appearance of  The Old Sasanami Residence

The Layout of The Sasanami Residence

Old Sasanami 
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