Katsuyama Castle Guidance Facility


 Katsuyama Castle was built about 500 years ago by Nobuhiro Takeda. It served as the base for politics, military affairs and trade in tnorthern Japan.
 Katsuyama Castle was a very unusual place, because the Wajin(=people who came from the main island of Japan) and the Ainu(=people who originally lived in Hokkaido) were thought to have co-existed here together.
 The replicas of tombs and the resources from the history of Katsuyama Castle are shown in this Guidance Facility. This is the only place where you can understand and experience the 15th-16th century of Hokkaido.

①The tombs of the Wajin in a crouched position with their head facing to the north
②Tomb pile and position of the tomb ~Way of making No.3 tomb~
③Cremation tomb and facility

④Tombs located around Iozan
Fee General Group(over20) 
Katsuyama Castle
Guidance Facility
200 yen
160 yen
Combo ticket with The Old Sasanami Residence 400 yen
360 yen

(Address) 427 Aza-Katsuyama,Kaminokuni
(Tel) 0139-55-2400
Open: 10:00a.m.~ 4:00p.m.
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Every Monday
(Tuesday if the Monday is a national holiday)
※We are open from the first Saturday of April to the second Sunday of November every year.